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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How To Hide Text in Notepad?

Steganography is an art of writing hidden messages so that no one can suspect the existence of the message. The meaning of Steganography is Concealed Writing and that is what we are going to do. We are going to learn that how to write hidden text in Microsoft Windows text editor Notepad. We should learn this technique so that we can easily hide our personal information in computer without any password protecting tools which are paid tools yes we have to pay to use those tools to protect our text data from unauthorized users. So below I have described with screen shots that how to hide text data in Notepad.
How to Hide Text in Notepad?
It is very easy, we just have to do few steps to hide our text in Notepad. So let’s start this tutorial.
1. First thing you need to do is open Command Prompt from your Windows. I hope you know how to open it.
2. Then you have to go to your desired location by typing like this if you want to go to another drive then type in D: and press enter then if you want to change directory in this drive then type cd directory/directory change directory/directory with your directory names. Hope you get your desired location in Command Prompt.
3. Now type in cmd notepad filename.txt:hidden and press enter, it will open a pop-up to ask you to create this file just press Yes then you will see a Notepad file where you can type anything and save it.

It will make a file with name filename.txt in the drive you are using in Command Prompt. Now try to open that file from your drive, you will see that there will not be any text but we typed in when we created it first time. Now the question is how to see our hidden text, it is very easy and simple just do the same steps we did yes I am right first you have to open Command Prompt then type your drive then go to the location where the file is saved then type in notepad filename.txt:hidden to open the hidden text, if you want to save it then type something new and save this file from file menu and remember you can type any name instead of filename.txt I just used it for this tutorial. Click on the screen shot below to see clearly.

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