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Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to enable right click in web-site?

Why Right Click is Disable?

Right clicking your mouse can be very useful when surfing the web. It allows you to save images on webpages to your hard disk, to view source of a particular webpage, to download background music from a blog (when website code isn't complicated), and much more.
Now days, many websites and blogs doesn't allow you to right click on thier websites. I studied HTML and basic web designing, so I like to look at webpages' HTML codes when I find a new interesting website. And it makes me angry to find out that I can't right click. But as you know, there is always a way to get around something.
Just follow this Step.

Go to your browser`s options & disable java script. And reload your site. Now you can right click in website and blog.

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Deepak Play said...

Another method in firefox for view source:
Add before http:// this key
Like this view-source:http://www.example.com/

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