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Saturday, September 8, 2012

google hack trick

Ok today i will show google hack demostration you'v never seen
You will never find these fucking google hack codes on internet.
just watch and learn what i have discovered!!!

Ok it's time to show the secrets.

and this is the best google hack codes.

I can make and combine any text and make google dorks from javascript,
from fucking html,css jquery,mootools and so on really fast and find
anything on this fucking lol g**gle !!!

I can bet what will see not understand what the fucking hell i'm doing.

Just sit down,drink some coffee and watch.

This is just a demonstration.

OK first i will show how to find any hacker forums,site it doesn't matter!
I mean profesional hackers!

Just read it all because if you are not doing you will not understand these
codes and how do they work!


inurl:"view.asp?page=" intext:"plymouth"

Ok what this code does ?
So this is the university schools you can hack with this dork university schools.

inurl:"shoutbox.php" intext:"script"

with this code you can hack shoutbox or to find scripts

inurl:"index.php?act=" rapidleech

This code will find rapidleecher sites very quickly.


This code will find ipb forums quickly to hack

inurl:"Photoshop.aspx" "tutorials"

This code will find photoshop tutorials

inurl: http://ftp://ftp site:.com

This code will find any ftp servers and root any protected sites.


This code will find any free hosting

powered by vbulletin games 3.8.4 inurl:member.php?u=1

This code will find any vbulletin game forums and admin page.

powered by vbulletin 4.0.3 Debug Information

This code will show all vbulletin forums php codes and information
and their bugs you root into it.

powered by vbulletin "warez"

This code will find any warez forum.

video to mp3 converter online intext:"mp3"-intext:"High Quality"

With this code you can download mp3 from youtube very quickly.

intext:"Warning: mysql_fetch_array()"

With this code you will find any vulnarable sites and hack them.


This code will show all torrents hidden radios stations.

inurl:"posting.php?mode=s milies" "phpbb"

With this code you will be able to hack phpbb forums and put xss inside forum.


With this code you can to find sites links very quikcly.

embed src=".mp3" type=audio/mpeg

Html injection code to find secret sites with html mp3 embed code
you will see it even on google.

"powered by vbulletin" + "account dumps"

With this code you will be able find passwords
for any sites,forums not for porn.

inurl:"smileys.php" + "talking"

Talking smilies.

"intitle:index of" admin/FCKeditor/_samples/html

With this code you will be able to find fck server html
editors and hack them.

owl city fireflies + "instrumental"

With this code you will be able any mp3 instrumental and change this
owl city fireflies

HTTP/1.1 :: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:

with this code you will be able to hack sites access
logs and see all information.

"sql google scanner" + "php"

Google sql injection online hack vulnerable sites,forums
and find vulnerables sites very easy.

site:youtube.com *@gmail.com

This will find any youtube or any site emails.


This will find very quickly html chart codes.

private torrent + "open sign up"

This will find any private torrent open to register.

hotfile + mediafire + "http://" + "rar" horror 2010 dvdrip,
(hotfile|mediafire).rar 2010 horror dvdrip

This will find any secret sites with dvdrip movies just change horror.

dvdrip 400mb "2010"

This will find ripped dvdrip movies in 400mb and lastest.

sql injection dork bank

This will find bank dorks for hacking google.

inurl:archive/index.php "visual basic"

This will find secret forums directory where you will see all information.

powered by vbulletin hacking zone
powered by vbulletin hackerz showoff

This will find hacker zone sites,forums.

This is video



Unknown said...

how do i use these codes?

Raagtune said...

Thank you so much for share the great information..!!

nirajpratap singh said...

Thanks for sharing the information regarding how to hack the the google to optimize our result. we have implemented this tips in my website school management software

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